23 Most Shocking Celebrity Transformations (#19 will Shock you)


Nowadays, people want to follow and imitate their favorite celebrities, making them the most popular personalities. Celebrities also live up to their fans’ expectations through performances and transformations. Almost all celebrities undergo body transformations in order to look their best in the roles they get. Some of them are so motivating to many people, we’ve created a list of the 23 most shocking celebrity transformations for you folks because some of them are very inspiring. So, sit back and enjoy!


1. Charlize Theron

23 Most Shocking Celebrity Transformations


The first shocking celebrity transformation is the Green-eyed, blonde hair beauty, Charlize Theron. She has to put on weight for her new movie Tully and gained almost 50 lbs in her 40s for her role as a mom of Three including a newborn. Although she looked completely unrecognizable, she said that weight gain makes her go into depression and it is a lot harder to lose weight at the age of 42.

Theron said: “I was very heavy, literally and figuratively. My soul just felt really heavy on this film, and I was just really unhealthy and I threw my back out and couldn’t sleep and was lethargic.”

It took about a year and a half to lose weight for Theron. But after a lot of hard work and dedication Charlize Theron lose 50 pounds and made an incredible weight loss transformation which is worth appreciating.


2. Jessica Simpson

23 Most Shocking Celebrity Transformations


Our second shocking celebrity transformation is the bombshell, Jessica Simpson. We all remember the American Singer and Actress since she made her film debut “Daisy Duke in The Dukes of Hazzard”. She Gained 60+ pounds during her pregnancy. Jessica Simpson has a bit of a baby weight problem due to overeating Buttered Pop-Tarts. But she managed to lose that much weight after joining in the Weight Watcher’s diet and looks very fit & healthy, nowadays.

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