7 Pool Exercises for a Fat Burning Water Workout

7 Fat-Burning Pool Exercises

If you’re looking to achieve your fitness goals and burn some serious calories, we have got you covered and provided you with these pool 7 pool exercises for a Fat-Burning water workout that doesn’t involve swimming. These resistance exercises target multiple joints and muscles, helping you build muscle mass and burn fat. Head on to the aqua exercises for weight loss, that burn the most calories per hour.


1. Running

7 Pool Exercises for a Fat Burning Water Workout

To begin, run from one edge of the pool to the other while staying in the shallow end. Leaning forward from your ankles, pumping your arms, and bringing your legs into a high-knee position will propel you forward. You can make it more challenging by holding a weighted object or a kickboard. Ankle weights and swim parachutes can also add some extra resistance.

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