A considerable amount of people today are suffering from a condition known as high blood pressure or hypertension. It is the condition where the speed of the blood inside the blood vessels increases to an alarming level. This weakens the walls of the vessels and also causes the heart to pump at a faster pace. This fast pumping of the heart results in the over-exertion of the heart, and that can cause many heart diseases. However, this condition can be lessened by eating a specific food. It can also be aggravated and made worse by the use of certain foodstuff. Here is a list of 15 food items that a person with high blood pressure should keep at arm’s length.

1. Salt

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Salt is the prime criminal when it comes to high blood pressure. When the sodium content in our diet is increased, it disturbs the delicate ionic balance of the human body. This results in the kidneys being unable to filter the blood properly as the blood has a high level of sodium content. When the kidneys do not produce proper urine, the water content of blood increases which increases blood pressure. According to nutritionists, the daily intake of sodium for a healthy individual, so that he/she does not suffer from hypertension, should not exceed 1500 milligrams.

2. Canned Soups

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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Canned soups may look extremely nutritious when you are looking at their advertisements in which they promote the use of healthy veggies that provide nutrition. However, in reality, canned soups are a major aggravator of hypertension. These canned goods are loaded with a sodium content that increases the speed of the flow of blood. Therefore, while selecting a canned soup, a person should make sure he goes for a can with a “low sodium” label on it.

3. Deli Meats

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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Deli-meats are processed meats. They have been made to last longer and to stay unspoiled. They are used to make quick sandwiches and are considered nutritious. However, these meats contain a large amount of sodium content. Almost a two-ounce serving of the regular deli-meat has about 600 milligrams of sodium content. When this deli meat is paired with other ingredients to make a sandwich, the sodium content reaches alarming levels.

4. Chinese Take-Out

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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Chinese take-outs are a favorite for people these days. When living in a fast-paced society, places that offer these budget-friendly and quick food items are considered saviors. However, this is not the case. Chinese take-out places use oils that are sodium content rich. That is why sautéed veggies in a Chinese place look so shiny. Also, Chinese take-out contains a large quantity of canned sauces as well as other sodium-rich ingredients that cause hypertension.


5. Frozen Pizzas

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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Frozen pizzas are considered to be a quick fix when lunch isn’t cooked or when you feel too lazy to get something to eat. Pop them in the oven and wait till the cheese starts the melt and the dough turns crispy and golden. However, to conserve the frozen pizzas, a large amount of salt is used. This high sodium concentration aggravates blood pressure and causes various heart diseases.

6. Tomato Sauce Can

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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Pre-made sauces are also sodium bombs. Salt is used as a preservative in these sauces, and this salt causes a disturbance in the electrolyte balance of the body. When the electrolyte balance is disturbed, the kidneys get disturbed as well, and the blood pressure increases. Therefore, your favorite pasta dish could be causing your high blood pressure because of the canned tomato sauce used in it.

7. Pickles

15 Foods You Should Never Eat If You Have High Blood Pressure
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To preserve anything, salt is used. And pickles are salted and preserved vegetables that are dipped in oil or vinegar for fermentation and flavor. These pickles are eaten as a side as well as put in various sandwiches and burgers all around the world. The extremely high sodium content in these aggravates blood pressure and can turn even a simple cucumber into a sodium bomb.


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