6 Ridiculous Health Myths That Are Actually True

Would you trust the Internet when it comes to your health? Let’s say an article say that chocolate is actually good for your blood, would you believe it? Well, you shouldn’t! At least not without checking the sources. As a matter of fact you should always look for the source of the information, because a lot of these “health tips” are not helpful at all.

But sometimes those outlandish facts turn out to be real, and you start questioning your own sanity. So, do carrots improve your eyesight? Does exercising makes you smarter? Here are 6 ridiculous health myths that are actually true!

1. Nightmares Caused by Late Supper

Can eating food before sleeping give you bad dreams? Turns out… it’s possible, but not exactly how you imagine it to be. As in, we still have zero idea why this happens, but according to a certain study, the majority of the people being tested did tend to get nightmares after getting stuffed with dairy or spicy foods.

2. Exercise Makes You Smarter

What if I told you that doing squats and lunges could make you smarter? Yeah, in addition to getting stronger physically, you’re also training your brain. So basically what happens is that this protein called irisin starts firing up into your brain whenever you’re exercising. This stuff improves your memory and thinking skills as well as help creating new brain cells. It’s a win-win!

3. Spicy Food Makes You Slimmer

Many of you are probably trying to sweat out the excess fat before the summer is gone, so this tip may actually help you. It’s three simple words: eat spicy food! As it turns out, capsaicin gives a boost to your metabolism and triggers thermogenesis (your body starts to heat up). It basically burns the fat away!

4. Eyesight and Carrots

This is one of those flip-floppy “yes-no-yes” health myths. First people say it works, then some researchers can’t prove the carrots improve your eyesight, and then it works again, according to the newest findings. Recent studies show that beta-carotene and vitamin A do in fact help your eyes, and carrots are full of them. It’s easy math.

5. Garlic Can Soothe a Toothache and More

If you don’t brush your teeth regularly, some of them may “speak up”. And that means going to the dentist. And trust me, nobody in the history of ever wants to go to the dentist. However there are plenty of home remedies for dealing with a toothache. One of which is supposedly garlic. Thanks to its antibacterial properties it relieves the pain in minutes, while also fighting any other infections and reducing blood glucose levels. The only downside is the smell, but that’s only if you’re in a relationship.

6. Catching up on Sleeping

Sleeping in on weekends does help to recharge your sleep batteries after a week’s worth of work. There was a huge study involving almost 40,000 Swedish people who got very little sleep every day. After sleeping in on Saturday and Sunday they all seem to have recovered the vigor and concentration. Finally some great news!

article source brainberries.co

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